Cheers and welcome to my very first blog post. I’ve been crafting for some time now but I am new to blogging. When it comes to crafts I do a little bit of everything because it’s truly what I love. All of my work is for sale through the shop on this website and I will be adding as I go. I try to make everything one of a kind because who doesn’t want to be different right?

I do work a full time job and all of my crafting and now blogging is done in any and all the time I can find. Starting something like this is not easy but so worth it. Once you get that itch to make something whether it’s knitting a sweater, sewing curtains or making paper flowers I say find that information to get you started and do it.

I remember the first time I really wanted to make something I was about 10 years old and like every child in 1986 I had a Cabbage Patch Kid. I wanted to make her a dress so I found some of my mom’s scrap material and a needle and thread went into my bedroom sat Indian style on the floor and started to sew. That’s right no measuring or cutting I was just doing it. I was so excited and when I went to stand up I realized I sewed that new “dress” right to the leg of my blue jeans. I thought my creative days were over, but I’m stubborn so I don’t give up that easy. A new dress did get made my mother sewed it on a machine but I did watch and learn.

My latest obsession has been the paper flowers whether giant wall decor or small ones for shadow boxes. They are so fun to make and the result is beautiful. Thanks to the information and designs I found on Catching Colorflies Designs. I started getting bored with the d├ęcor in my home and so I decided to change it up a bit and when I came across the way these paper flowers are made and being used I loved the idea. I will end up with them in every room in my house. I think my biggest project will be making a set of flowers to go across the bedroom wall to replicate a headboard. You can check out some of the flower arrangements I sell in the shop on this site. I sell them as individual pieces and as sets so when you get them you can lay them out on your wall exactly where you want them to be.

Here’s a few tips and tricks with the paper flowers. First, they are slightly delicate not as delicate as a real flower but they are made of paper. The paper is thicker therefore larger sizes might be a little heavier. I recommend using double sided tape to hang them to the wall but you can also use tacks or attach a loop to the back of the flower to hang it on a nail or removable hooks. Second, cleaning them is not difficult. I recommend a feather duster or a lightweight duster or cloth. Do not ever get them wet the fibers in the paper will absorb the water and the petals will start to flatten out. Third and final tip the pictures that I show are just the way I choose to arrange them the great thing is you can put your own spin on it there is no right or wrong way to use them. You can attach them to walls, cabinets, Christmas trees, etc… You can use them as center pieces or backdrops for pictures. Use you imaginations they were meant to be expressed.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me and I would love to see how you’ve arranged your Ready Expressions paper flowers. Thanks for visiting and make a great impression with Ready Expressions.

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